Portrait of man with album on head and headphones.

Personal work: #luzzatticovers

Image for the #luzzatticovers project

An executive runs with a shopping cart full of houses. People stop him.

El Salto: Raval Vs Blackstone

The residents of Raval fight against real estate speculation of investment funds

Version of Munch's Scream. A lightbulb head screams in horror at the price of light.

Personal Project

Electricity Prices In Spain Reach A New Record High

Landscape of the Albufera natural park. A large question mark generates a negative space in which a bird is represented.

MESURA: Albufera junts

The Albufera natural park is under threat and needs answers.

A Polaroid-headed businessman holds out his hand while photographing a first impression.

Discarded proposal

First impressions: never judge a book by its cover.

An executive runs with a shopping cart full of houses. People stop him.

MESURA: Climometre

Air pollution in the city of Valencia

Valencia local festivals and pyrotechnics

Generalitat Valenciana: Pyrotechnics

Valencia local festivals and pyrotechnics.

Earth globe as a hot air balloon melts while carrying a barcode

Personal work: Consumer society and global warming

As uncontrolled consumption is aggravating climate change

A scientist carries a magazine from which the letters fall

The New York Times: ‘Predatory’ Science Journals

Illustrated book for Marlena Agency

City connected to the sun

APIV 2020 exhibition: Illustrations for the environmental revolt

Cities and sustainable energy

Trump with a finger-shaped pinocchio nose pointing at others

Revista La Leche: Lies, accusations and fakes

Lying and accusing others of lying

Young man with methamphetamine pipe, smoke surrounds him and catches him

Minnesota Alumni Magazine: The Drug in the Shadows

While opioids claim the headlines, methamphetamine abuse has made a significant comeback in Minnesota

The Columbus statue in Barcelona, with the independence star, burning.

Barcelona is burning

Riots protesting the prison of Catalan separatist leaders

Two men stretch on both ends of a rope. If the one on the right wins, he will fall off the cliff.

Mindful Magazine: How to Deal with Toxic Competition

Our competitive nature becomes toxic when we’re motivated by others’ success, rather than our own self-mastery

A faceless doctor with a euro shaped hearing aid.

Audita Sanidad: Privatization of Spanish Healthcare

The economic interests of the health market

An executive plays golf on a city tower.

El Salto: Dubrovnik VS Turismo

A controversial golf course and mass tourism at the center of the municipalist struggle

A child silenced with a cross in his mouth

ELLE Magazine France: Hidden children of priests and nuns

The hidden children of the clergy victims of shame and silence

An activist drags a giant fist holding a banner

ELLE Magazine France: Activism, the big tiredness

Overloaded activists dedicate their free time to the causes they defend, until they collapse

The Eiffel Tower turned into a repeater.

El Salto: Italy against 5G

Residents, doctors and judges going against the grain of Italy's infatuation with smartphones

The USA flag made of bricks and barbed wire.

YES! Magazine: South to north migrant caravans

Faced with the humanitarian crisis, the Trump response is the closing of borders

Fit chart with silhouette of man and woman, he shades her

ELLE Magazine France: Expert Women at the french TV

Women are less in demand on radio and TV to share their knowledge, still do not have a satisfactory place in the audiovisual sector


Think : At London Business School Issue 2 - 2021

Five tips to land your ideal job

The dictator with a suitcase that is a coffin

Cartelera Turia: Exhumation of Franco dictator

The government of Spain exhumes the remains of the dictator in the Valle de los Caidos

Woman harassed by a man while reading

ELLE Magazine France: Malaise at the university

Sexual harassment, violence and terror at the Paris University, with involvement of teachers

People holding heavy bags of debt on which an executive rests

El Salto: Cities VS debt

Debt is a weight that does not allow municipal governments to make social policie

A child casts the shadow of a Daesh gunman

ELLE Magazine France: Les enfants perdus de Daech

Rights and prejudices around the return of the children of the French people who went to fight alongside the Daesh

Bullring shaped like a paella and a bloody bull in the center

La Rambleta - València se ilustra: Bullring of Valencia

The bullring in Valencia is a public building where animals are tortured.

Belgrade skyline with a chimney from which smoke shaped like a dollar and a snake threatens the city.

El Salto: Belgrade against the incinerator

The city of Belgrade in fight against the incinerator

An executive buying the city while the graph of prices shoots

PACD: Housing speculation

The economic consequences of housing speculation

Rajoy undico at the bottom of the sea. Oil spills come out of his hair.

Periódico Diagonal: The fall of Rajoy

How Gürtel affair defeated Spanish Prime Minister

I wish that the new year takes away all the bad things in our lives

Personal work: 2021

I wish that the new year takes away all the bad things in our lives

Eduardo Benavent delivers to zaplana, with the body of a pig, in a tray.

Cartelera Turia: Served on a silver platter

A new case of corruption and treason in Spain

Typographic design with the letters May 68. May is a factory. 6 is a cop that hits 8, which represents a protester.

Cartelera Turia: May 68

50th anniversary of May '68 protests

Barcelona Skyline and people with price tags

El Salto: Barcelona showcase city

Barcelona debates the city model between a showcase city and a citizen and cultural forum

Portrait of Jorge Fernández Díaz made of barbed wire .

Personal Project: Jorge Fernández Díaz

Minister of the Interior of Spain, between 2011 and 2016, responsible for borders and immigration.

Hayao Miyazaki - Cómo piensan los niños y otros recuerdos de mi vida.

Hayao Miyazaki: Hayao Miyazaki - Cómo piensan los niños y otros recuerdos de mi vida

Book cover.

A woman walks on a rope while the hand of God shakes it

The New York Times: A Gay Husband, a Dire Diagnosis and the Best-Laid Plans

As the old Yiddish proverb goes: Man plans and God laughs.


Silvio Berlusconi: Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi pulls out of presidential race

The 85-year-old media mogul, who is still embroiled in legal proceedings over his infamous "Bunga Bunga" sex parties, insisted he had the support in parliament to win - something analysts doubted.

A man opens his chest like a zipper and shows the heart

Little book of affirmations: I am open to contentment for myself and others

Illustrated book for Marlena Agency

Lenin portrait. The knob is the battleship Potemkin

Cartelera Turia: Lenin

Russian revolution centenary

A man and a woman argue. Barbed wire comes out of his mouth and tangles

Inc. Magazine: Political conflicts in the workplace

The U.S. is deeply polarized, and emotions are running high. But it's possible to encourage discussion while deterring discord

Portrait of Cristina Cifuentes with a snake tongue that is actually a degree from the University and cans of cream instead of eyes.

Cartelera Turia: Cristina Cifuentes

The Madrid Leader resigns for lying about her university degree and for stealing facial creams in a supermarket

A person screaming, the triangle of the voice is a pencil tip

Personal work: #NoCallo

Protest campaign against the repression of the Spanish government to the graphics edges

A man walks on the sand of a watch as his time runs out.

Little book of affirmations: Every thought I think is creating my future

Illustrated book for Marlena Agency

A man drags a heart while looking at the phone

Personal work: Love in the digital age

We live connected while neglecting the closest people

A ship made with the elements of the independence flag

Cartelera Turia: Process of independence of catalonia

The failure of the negotiations leads to the independence process to capsize


Self-published book: La deuda sostenible

Sustainable debt and other liberal tales


El Salto: Donald Trump and climate agreement

Donald Trump will withdraw u.s. from paris climate agreement

Woman with an oven on her belly. Inside the oven a fetus. The umbilical cord forms the dollar sign

Donesdigital.cat: Surrogacy

Surrogate pregnancy, a pending debate

Portrait of a bullfighter with swords. The torso and arms are the head of a bull

Personal work: Bullfighting in spain

Torture as a show

Portrait of Giuseppe Grezzi with a bicycle on his face

Cartelera Turia: Giuseppe Grezzi

Valencia cycling campaign

Portrait of Vladimir Putin made with 1 and 0

Personal work: Vladimir Putin

Russian cyberattacks

Cover of books

Literary Cafe Collection: Victor Hugo, Georges Simenon, Dante, Homer...

Masters of world literature


Cartelera Turia: the King and the cabaretera

Sexual scandals of Spain's King Juan Carlos

visual game with a pencil and a nude woman's body

APIV: La Piz

Pencil & Woman

Trump portrait with concrete face

Periódico Diagonal: Trump Wall

Donald Trump's plan to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border

Silhouette of a soldier with the symbols of the European Union

Personal work: European refugee policies

European border surveillance system

The Spanish Royal family uses the crown as if it were an umbrella. On top of it some giant shit drips down the edges of the umbrella

Personal work: Spanish Royal Family

The Spanish monarchy dotted with corruption and rot.

Young man with methamphetamine pipe, smoke surrounds him and catches him

Personal work : #luzzatticovers


Man and woman working on a stack of coins and books. The man earns more money while she accumulates more knowledge

ELLE Magazine France: Wages, women contra attack

Gender pay gap: discrimination found to be significant

Portrait of Fidel Castro with the silhouette of Latin America

Cartelera Turia: Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro’s influence felt across Latin America

Portrait of Prince with awards

Personal Work: Prince

Prince Awards

 Bar Knopfler logotipe

Bar Knopfler: Bar Knopfler

Logo for restaurant and bar.

NY Skyline

Personal Work: New York Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York

One eye analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of a woman

Think at London Business School Issue 1 - 2021

First impressions: never judge a book by its cover.


El Salto: Luis de Guindos and the vulture funds

Spanish Minister of economy linked to opaque investment funds


Personal Work: Ayatollah Khomeini

Portrait of the leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution


Personal Work: Alzheimer

Alzheimer's disease questions and answers

Donald Trump portrait made with barbed wire

Cartelera Turia: barbed wire

Donald Trump's immigration plan

Portrait of Franco made with skulls

Cartelera Turia: Francisco Franco

Spanish Civil War 80th Anniversary

American flag made up of shotguns and gunshots

Personal Work: US mass shootings

America's gun problem

Foot with football boot with the Union Flag on a blue ball with the stars of the European Union

Personal Work: Brexit

U.K. Referendum on EU Membership

Black woman tied with a dollar in the shape of a chain

femeninorural.com: African women

African women enslaved by microcredit

New York skyline with Clinton, Trump, Sanders and Cruz

Personal Work: 2016 New York Primary Battle

Clinton, Trump, Sanders and Cruz

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education: : The 2018 Trends Report

Sustainable debt and other liberal tales

Music online

Personal Work: Music online

Business models from the music industry in Internet


Personal Work: Hillary Clinton

Email controversy


Personal Work: Christine Lagarde

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Barack Obama portrait

Cartelera Turia: Barack Obama

Barack Obama on mass government surveillance ity


Personal Work: Jordi Pujol

Former Catalan President and the 3% kickbacks for public contracts scandal

Mario Draghi portrait

Editorial Icatia: Mario Draghi

European construction at the service of financial markets

Paco Marhuenda

Cartelera Turia: Paco Marhuenda

Journalist spokesman of Popular party in Spain

Cristoval Montoro portrait

Patas Arriba: Cristoval Montoro

Minister of Finance and Public Administrations of Spain

green dog

Personal work: Green spotted dog

Green spotted dog

Book cover

GUE/NGL: Municipal audit guidelines

Book cover

: Juan Roig portrait

Personal Work: Juan Roig

Entrepreneur in the food industry

Adolf Hitler portraint

Personal Work: Adolf Hitler

An illuminati dictator

Elections TV Show

Personal Work: Elections TV Show

Elections TV Show

Europe closed

Open borders: Europe closes its borders

Refugees stranded in borders of the EU

Carlos Fabra

Cartelera Turia: Carlos Fabra

Spanish politician

Rita Barbera

Cartelera Turia: Rita Barberá

Mayoress of Valencia lose the elections wrapped in suspicions of corruption